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Tyler Ramsey | Leslie Stevens and Patrick Dethlefs
BandWagon & Lulu's Presents

Tyler Ramsey | Leslie Stevens and Patrick Dethlefs

New Location!
Lulu's Downtown
April 5, 2024
1:00 pm

Tyler Ramsey | Leslie Stevens and Patrick Dethlefs

Just as the opening line in Tyler Ramsey’s melody “New Lost Ages” proposes — “you better get yourself familiar with suffering because we’re living in a world that we can’t understand” — so, too, becomes this notion that to truly find yourself in the ether and incessant white noise of modern society, one must simply let go of ego, pain and trauma in exchange for pure love.

“I’m trying harder and harder to just roll with things and make moments that are beautiful, to appreciate everything we have,” Ramsey says. “I’m trying to just be here and in the moment, with my family and with my music, and not get caught up in the sadness and fear that lies out there in our world — to always pursue hope and compassion.”

Coming into his latest album, “New Lost Ages,” the celebrated singer-songwriter felt this deep, profound shift into a new, perhaps unknown, level of his ever-evolving melodic journey with one question lingering — where to from here?

Ramsey's new record "New Lost Ages" - out February 9, 2024.